Frequently Asked Questions


• What is offers storage and file distribution services. With the size of our servers almost unlimited, all of them work on several gigabyte connection links. is one of the major and credible sites that offer fast services for uploading, downloading and storing files. We offer high level of quality services and we look for the highest subscriber’s satisfaction.

• Is service free? Can I use it right now?

Yes, You can upload files up to 4GB absolutely free! You can also download for free files up to 500MB! The service is absolutely free and easy to manage.

• Why do I need to register at

Registration is not required to upload files. However, the registration gives you additional and important advantages. You can obtain more features depending on your account type! Premium users enjoy uncapped speed, parallel downloads and unlimited file storage time.

• What will be the monthly fee in order to become premium user?

The monthly fee in order to become a Premium user and enjoy all the added benefits is Euro8.99.

• How long do I need to wait in order to get my Premium membership?

There is no waiting time at all, once the membership fee is paid you immediately become a Premium user and you can instantly enjoy all additional features.

• I have purchased a Premium Account, but your system does not log me in. What could have been wrong?

Please make sure that you haven’t deleted cookies from your computer; furthermore, confirm that you are not using any kind of software that can block the receipt and transfer of cookies, such as firewall.

• I might enter my e-mail address when I register as a regular or premium member. Will I receive any solicitation emails to my e-mail address?

NO, you will definitely not receive any kind of solicitation emails. We treat the personal information of our users with high sense of responsibility and confidentiality and therefore we do not sell or give away e-mail addresses. You might only receive from us informative messages with regards to service. Lastly, you may need to enter your e-mail in website for password recovery purposes.

• What are the advantages of the Premium Account?

As a Premium Account user, you will be entitled to valuable advantages for a significantly low price. First of all you will be entitled to downloading priority in the case that our servers share their traffic capacity. In addition you will have access to programs that will give you uncapped downloading speed and the chance to download interrupted (broken), files, with downloading to start at once. You can also download unlimited number of files at the same time and of course keep them save forever.

• What files can I upload and what is the maximum size of the file?

Any kind of file could be uploaded, such as EXE, MP3, MPEG, AVI, RAR, ZIP, JPG, etc. In addition, video files, mp3, music files, applications, games, ringtones, office files (e.g. Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc), models, architectural drawings, conference recordings, agreements, server configuration files, advertising booklets and any other kind of file that does not violate the Terms & Conditions, and Policies of The maximum size of a specific file you can upload is up to 4GB!

• How long will my uploaded files be stored on offers a minimum storage period of 60 days for unregistered and regular accounts. After 60 days the files will be removed if not downloaded in the last 30 days. For premium accounts the storage of files is endless. Any file is allowed to be stored in our system provided that it complies with our terms of service and user agreement, and does not violate the laws of your country. This particularly means that files that violate the copyright laws or containing any copyright infringement information will be deleted as soon as they are reported or found.

• My Web hosting does not allow storing large mp3 and avi files. Can I upload these files to and place a link to them on my website so visitors of the website can download them?

Of course, you can upload any number of files to our system and use the provided download URLs in your website, in public message forums, blogs, social networks such as Twitter and FaceBook and in general in any mean of communication you use. You can also send download URLS to associates and friends via Instant Messaging systems, like Skype, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk etc and certainly via e-mails (apart from any kind of spam emails).

• What are the limitations for downloading files from does not hold any limitations with regards to the number of downloaded files! In the case that you are not a Premium member, you can download just one file at a time. Premium members can download parallel and unlimited number of files while resuming of interrupted downloads is also available! Lastly, download accelerators can be used as well.

• Why sometimes are files downloaded in very slow speed?

Low speed during the download process might be a result of the fact that the same file is downloaded at the same time from a number of users. Therefore, Internet bandwidth is being shared among all those specific users. If you would like to avoid such a problem and have priority and high downloading speed, we recommend upgrading your account to Premium or try to download the file in a later time.

• For some reason your system informs me that I’m currently downloading files or have already downloaded too many, though I haven’t downloaded any files yet! Why is that? system is designed in such a way in order to use your IP-address to count the amount of downloads. However, if you have received such notice and you really didn’t downloaded anything yet, then you most likely you have been using the proxy-server that was simultaneously used by other users. In order to avoid such a problem, you should turn off such proxy-server(s). If you still face such problems, as your provider might not allow it, the best possible solution will be to upgrade your subscription to a Premium Account. In a Premium account such a problem will be avoided as Premium-accounts use cookies (not IP addresses) for counting your downloads.

• What if the desired file that I am looking to download is not in the server?

There are 3 possible reasons for a file to be deleted, thus not to be found in the server:

  1. Following the request of the copyright holder the file was deleted

  2. The expiration date of the file has passed

  3. The person who uploaded the file to the server deleted it

It can also rarely happen that the server hosting the file is temporarily unavailable. In such case you'll receive a notification.

• Why does Windows Media Player begin at the same time that a file is downloaded?

Disabling comparison with AVI files in Windows Media Player can solve this problem. Please proceed as follows. Open menu Service in Windows Media Player, then go to Parameters and Type Of Files, after that remove the check mark on AVI (mp3, mpg, etc) or any kind of files you are facing problems with.